お前 何もないって んな事ねーだろ

You said you don’t have anything, but that’s not true!
You’ve got a ton of important stuff, like all those people you want to protect, you know?

  • お前(おまえ) you
  • 何もない(なにもない) don’t have anything (何も anything, ない doesn’t exist)
  • って marks a quote
  • んな contraction of そんな “that kind of”
  • 事(こと) thing, event (そんなことない “it’s not like that!” “there’s nothing like that!”)
  • ねー doesn’t exist (contraction of ない)
  • だろ right? (Don’t you?)
  • 守りてー (まもりてー) contraction of 守りたい “want to protect” (守る protect, たい want to)
  • もん contraction of もの “thing”
  • とか …and stuff like that
  • 大事な(だいじな) important, precious
  • いっぱい a lot of, full of
  • 持ってんじゃねーか (もってんじゃねーか)contraction of 持っているんじゃないか “you have, don’t you?” (持つ have, 持っている has/is
  • having, ん emphasis, ~じゃないか isn’t it?)

I wouldn’t say that I have one favorite Rin quote

But when Konekomaru finds out that Rin is the son of Satan and tells him to stay away from his friends, because Konekomaru doesn’t have any family or talent or anything but his friends still support him, and he has to protect them,

and Rin is just like “cool so if I prove I’m not a danger to them we can be friends again, right?” and then is like OH BY THE WAY…

I just…


Depressing Kanji

Today I decided to look up a bunch of Kanji that represented the negative mood I was in, and now I feel better because at least I learned something (^.^ ; These are my favorites.

The order is Kanji, on yomi (katakana), kun yomi (hiragana), meaning, and a compound. Sometimes there was more than one on and kun yomi for each Kanji, but I only put the ones I have seen used most often in my studies. Enjoy these hopeless characters :D 

憂 ユウ うれ, い grieve, lament 憂鬱 (ユウウツ depression)

鬱 ウツ  depression 鬱陶しい(うっとうしい gloomy)

悔 カイ くや, しい frustrating, annoying 悔悟(カイゴ remorse)

惜 セキ お, しい regret, too good for 惜敗(ヘキハイ regrettable defeat)

憎 ゾウ にく, らしい odious, hateful 憎気(にくげ spite)

寠 ク やつ, れる impoverished, to be worn out *couldn’t find a compound 

沈 チン しず, む sinking, to be depressed 沈黙(チンモク silence)

劣 レツ おと, る to be inferior to 劣悪(レツアク inferiority)

厄 ヤク bad luck, disaster 厄介(ヤッカイ trouble, burden)

独 ドク ひと, り to be alone 孤独(コドク alone)

So my friends in Japan say that the new revamp of Sailor Moon “changed Usagi’s face and made her too pretty.” So you are so let down on how unrealistic Usagi is, and yet you continue to watch other anime containing 9 year old girls with moon sized breasts? わからfuckingない。My childhood is not ruined, but relived through her bug-eyed beautiful overdeveloped teenage body. I just still can’t understand her Japanese catch phrase tho -.-; イライラ 



"知情意/The Intellect-Emotion-Volition Triad"





Our mental activity essentially consists of intellect, emotion and volition. We call it “知情意”(Chi-Jo-I) in Japanese.

A Japanese writer Soseki Natsume wrote about that triad in his novel ” The Three Cornered World”:

"Going up a mountain track, I fell to thinking.
Approach everything rationally, and you become harsh. Pole along in the stream of emotions, and you will be swept away by the current. Give free rein to your desires, and you become uncomfortably confined. It is not a very agreeable place to live, this world of ours.
When the unpleasantness increases, you want to draw yourself up to some place where life is easier. It is just at the point when you first realize that life will be no more agreeable no matter what heights you may attain, that a poem may be given birth, or a picture created.”

We often tend to emphasize rationality – the “intellect” part of the intellect-emotion-volition triad. Keep pursuing its good balance fearlessly, and you will gain better relationship with others. Don’t be afraid.

中国製の鉛筆ケースの正面には文字通「家族猫だけである」という面白い英語が書いてある…どういうこと?!通訳はそんなにお金かかるだろう… (゚Д゚)

中国製の鉛筆ケースの正面には文字通「家族猫だけである」という面白い英語が書いてある…どういうこと?!通訳はそんなにお金かかるだろう… (゚Д゚)